Thursday, June 3, 2010


Maybe I get distracted by the cuteness.

Or, more likely, I can easily recall a time in the not-so-distant past when she was wholly dependent on me and trusted me and gratefully accepted my sage parental guidance in all things.

Then again, its probably those round brown eyes.

Either way, the Once Reasonable two-year-old (who turns 3 in mere days) has turned into a fuzzball of independence, making choices and taking stands on personal freedom that the most flag-waving patriot would gladly surrender based on mere grounds that the foe is indeed, larger.

I've given in on her wearing blanket sleepers - complete with feet - in June. They are pink, they have kitties on them, they zip and snap and they are polyester. But hey, at least I'm not checking covers all night.

Last night, however, was a curve ball.

Once Reasonable asked in a deceptively reasonable sweet voice, "can you get me some undahwayah?"

Me: Its bedtime, you need a dipey or some pull-em-ups at night.

O.R.: Noooo! I's potty-TRAINED and I can wear undahwayah!

Me: No, you're potty trained in the DAYtime and you still wear dipeys or pullumups at night
because whenever you don't, you wet th'bed.

O.R.: Waaaaahhhhhh!!! (Head in hands on side of bed)

Me: Even your sister wore pullemups for almost a YEAR after she was potty trained in the daytime because it is so HARD to be potty trained at night and...... (drifting off, realizing I'm negotiating with a terrorist....)

O.R.: perking up....

Me: (Relieved, because of COURSE she's being reasonable with this line of argument...)

O.R.: Gracie can help me! I know! Dat girl from my singin' class can help me go back and forth!

Me: ??

O.R.: She help me go to my pot and I can go on my pot and get back in bed!

Me: Grace from church?

O.R.: Yes, from curch! (Brightening and smiling through tears)

Me: Um, SugarBaby, Gracie lives far, far away and she is in her own bed in her own house with her.....

O.R.: Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! (Head in hands)

Me: Sigh.

The compromise?

Me: You wanna wear unders over your dipeys?

O.R.: (Smiling again) Yes!
O.R.: Mama, can Gracie come spend the night tomorrow night?


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