Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Neigbors

We're getting new neighbors - I think - well, I hope so. Its hard to tell just what is going on over there. I've been watching their moving-in drama for over a week now from my back door and out the window over the kitchen sink. I hope they don't see me watching them - or worse, ducking around the corner and having them become suspicious. I don't want to scare them off or anything, but the performance is a must-see.

From the looks of things, he is the one who found the house in the first place and is doing his very best to sell her on the idea. He keeps on moving in stuff, arranging it, leaving and getting more stuff. Makes me wonder how much can fit into such a small space. Its endearing to see how much he likes the location - sometimes he'll pause and look around at the scenery and just look so pleased with his choice.

For her part, she appears to be very picky and barely glances at him or acknowledges his efforts. I have a feeling the relationship itself won't last forever. On at least two occasions I've seen her poke her head in the door, look around and leave without so much as a how-dee-do. Both of these times he was literally trembling with anticipation and sat, dumbfounded, after she left. I felt so sorry for him and couldn't help wondering what kind of parent she'll be - she's obviously expecting.

Something about him, though, is that he makes a lot of racket. He has this thing forAdd Image singing, and he sings LOUD. He has a beautiful voice - effervescent, even. Not even the heat we've had has dampened his spirits. From just about any room in my house I know he's back at work when I hear him trilling outside. It makes me smile every time.

Just this afternoon, he called her over for another inspection of the inside. This time, she stayed longer than she has before. I watched with anticipation, holding my breath. I grabbed my camera - after all, this spectacle is definitely blog worthy. She still flounced out after poking around inside, but he didn't seem quite as despondent this time. Perhaps they've come to an agreement.

Want to take a peek at them? I know! It seems so prying, doesn't it? Its OK, really. Satisfy your curiosity and scroll down for pictures:

moving in......
Inspection fail! (Can you tell from this angle that she has her little nose up in the air at him?)
Ah, sadness.....
And persistence! "How can I convince her that this gourd would make a lovely home and this carport is an exceptional neighborhood?!"

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