Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Pictures

I haven't posted any pictures of home lately, and some of you may not know where we live. The girls and I took a short drive up the road today, and before we turned right into the driveway.... I took a picture of our front yard:

Andy drove the truck since the roads were frozen this morning. That's our "new" Toyota commuter car that he uses to schlep back and forth to Clifton Forge with. Saves over 50% on our gas bill, and plus, it matches the wintertime color scheme, don't you think?
Even though we only got another 2-3 inches of snow last night, it still looks like a winter wonderland. And with temps not getting above 20 today, it should stick around awhile.
Here's the back yard with Johnson Creek running through it looking toward the west....

And the other way, Johnson Creek looking towards the east....

Backyard with the fire pit, chicken coop, tire swing...creek at the back...

The backyard looking towards the creek... oh, and you can barely see the results of my efforts, but that first tree there? Well, that tree owes me an apology. Ahem.

And this is the log splitter that helped to make that woodpile that will last us till spring. We hope!

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