Saturday, January 9, 2010

foraging friends

Wow! No doubt that he's a golden crowned kinglet. He's enjoying a homemade "suet cake" whose chief ingredients are $1 Kroger peanut butter and discarded PB&J sandwich edges from a picky (OK, spoiled) two year old.

A primetime "cat TV" special on the makeshift "tree" I rigged up on the front porch. This fat squirrel provided our bad kitty with an hour of cat madness.

Aren't they gorgeous?! These two pileated woodpeckers were snacking on sumac berries down the road. I usually don't have to compete with birds for the berries in the early fall, so these must be a last resort. (The berries, boiled and strained, make a refreshing drink reminiscent of berry lemonade).

And again in a precarious position, before he (she?) saw me...about this time, Hannah hollered from the back seat, "Mom, there's 3 of them!" As I put the camera down, a fourth flew across the field on the edge of the road there. They scolded me all the way, too, as they left, "Yek-yek-yek-yek-yek-yek-yek!!"


  1. Oh...these pics are darling. I can't wait to show my oldest son them tomorrow. He loves to bird watch. Thanks so much and have a blessed day.


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