Monday, September 15, 2008

the word is out!

A man of many talents.......


Um....about the new JOB - you know - over in Clifton Forge! Hurray! I am so proud of you - you go boy!

Yes, it is official. My DH will be moving over to Clifton Forge October 1 as their new Housing Code Official (I may have gotten that title wrong, but it's close if I did) (I'm sure he will let me know!). He was so sorry to leave AC, and I am too, because we both really love the folks he works with there - but the GOOD NEWS is that he will still be working with them to some extent, right? And D and T will still sit behind us in church on Sunday mornings, right? You will, right? (After all, he'll be working in YOUR town!) And uh, CL, any more pointers on, we don't want to burn any bridges, right?!

Not familiar with Clifton Forge? Lookie here.

Anyways, can you tell I am excited? This is one of the transitions I was writing about and I could barely stand it not to spill those beans. Now, though, I can quit worrying about THAT and direct my full focus to the Good Humor Man.

Today was day 2 of a low/no-sugar, low/no-artificial flavors & preservatives diet for our girl. She did great. I think we may be on to something here, although I am not wholly convinced. For sure and for certain she did not have such highs and lows in her behavior, and I think it was due to blood sugar stabilization. My neighbor, Heidi (!) (chef of the delicious meatballs) is a dietitian (or a nutritionist. maybe both. I keep forgetting), anyways, she said to increase fats, cut out simple carbs and add complex carbs. Did it and am seeing improvement. I've been reading a bunch of books - the Feingold diet is one, and that is where I got the idea of going preservative free. Basically, organic. This is the truly amazing part - she went to bed tonight (Han, not Heidi) at 9PM without a fight. I am pretty stumped about that one. Oh, and for Daddy-o, not me, b/c I was in with Abba. Mmmm... interesting.

Any advice or suggestions for me about proactive approaches to hyperactivity and impulsivity with a little oppositionality thrown in? (Ideas from the pantry, not the medicine cabinet).

Well, thank you for being happy for us. We are excited about Andy's career move. I think he is amazing, to tell the truth. Did you know he has gotten all of these certifications in just a couple years? He is all that AND a bag'o'chips.

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