Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hey! Would you keep us in prayer when you think about it? We are going through some transitions and as we all know, sometimes change is difficult!

We're trying to transition Hannah away from her pass (pacifier), and yes, yes, yes, I know she will be a great big girl of 4 next month, but nonetheless.....she has a very strong attachment to it and it has been very difficult. For her mom and dad. See, I thought they were all gone, but then she spied one she had lost perched prominently on her car seat in Daddy-o's truck. Well, its got some holes in the plastic and its the absolute last one in the house so she is guarding it ferociously. And I do mean ferociously.

Andy is transitioning to a new medication regimen for his HBP. Now, he may not like me blogging about this, but maybe if you see him or talk to him you can ask him how he is doing. We've got a new doctor who is REALLY good - (Dr. Scott in Covington, for all you local readers!) - and who has been very diligent in keeping track of Andy's progress. Still, changing medications is physically painful for him - makes him feel like he has the flu or something.

If you know my daughters, you know that one of them can (please allow me to switch to my professional social worker mode:) exhibit some behaviors that her parents find challenging. As the parent in close proximity to said child for the majority of waking hours, I can report that "challenging" has many defintions and includes a wide and varying range of emotions!

Thank goodness that I am perfect, so I have no issues of my own to work on.


But right now, I can't focus on me (sigh.....), so I'll just dedicate all of my time and energies to my family. [Placing palm of right hand to forehead and leaning back in chair, closing eyes....] Ohhhhhhhh, the sacrifices I make as the Mama!

Seriously, though. GOD IS GOOD! And I can't figure out why, but He has been so good to us over the last several years. I mean - I can't figure out why I should receive blessings when I am such "a wretch" and why others who seek Him have the struggles they do. I really have been blessed with Andy, Hannah and Abigail. Although we each have our own challenges in relationships with our personalities, characters and so on, I am always thrilled when I think that God planned for us all to be together and that He has knit us together as a family.

Better go. Gotta get suppah started and the upstairs freezer cleaned out. Can't fit anything else in it and I am afraid of being knocked out by a pot roast when I open the door - ack!

Tonight's supper: pork butt roast in the crock pot with pepper and seasoned salt, green beans from this summer's garden, mac&cheese from the stockpile, apple sauce from the stockpile and bread pudding using up (hopefully) most of the frozen bread out of the upstairs freezer for dessert. YUM!

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  1. Heidi,
    I think Katie was about a month or two shy of 4 when she gave up the binky. We had the good excuse of "you're starting preschool and big girls don't suck binkies". We also said that we were mailing them to the babies in China who really needed them.
    On the other hand - Miss Maggie who will be 6 in November, has gotten WORSE about sucking her thumb - since we spent so much time traveling in the car this summer, and it apparently was her primary source of entertainment. Can't send that to China.
    Good luck!
    Michele ... who can not sleep without some form of a noise maker (white noise, that is)


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