Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Truck Troubles

I Thessalonians 5:18:  "In everything, give thanks, for this is the will of Christ Jesus...."

1.  We're thankful that only the "Drive" gear went out 22 miles from home and we still had "1 and 2" left to drive back.
2.  Thankful that when 1 and 2 gave out, it was in walking distance to the house.
3.  Thankful for Hannah's and Andy's strong legs to carry them up the hill and around 1 "S" curve to the house.
              3.A.  Thankful that I was not alone with the girls when it gave out!
              3.B.  Thankful that the weather was pleasant when it gave out!
              3.C.  Thankful that we were on a straightaway when it stopped going forward.
4.  Thankful that, although its gonna' cost a whole stinkin' lotta' money to fix my truck, we have the means to get it done.
5.  Thankful that we were safe on that long, long drive home, and that the transmission didn't actually fall OUT of  the truck, even though pieces of the transmission fell INTO the truck.
6.  Thankful that we live in such a beautiful area and got to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way home!
7.  Thankful that the transmission place was able to send a tow truck and include the cost in their bill.
8.  Thankful that they were able to get my truck first thing on Monday morning and get right to work on it!
9.  Thankful that the girls and I enjoy being "homebodies" and, to us, there is really no such thing as "being stuck at home."
10.  Thankful that Andy saw this may have been a roundabout answer to another prayer we had about another venture we were going to pursue.

Coincidentally (yeah, right), our history lesson today was about the Greek mathematician Archimedes.  He's the one who first used ropes and pulleys, which provided a better way of lifting.  It was a great tie-in to the use of a winch to drag my heavy car up the back of the tow truck.  It made history come to life ~ exciting!  So there's a reason #11!

All aboard....

Hey, look at those pretty flowers!





  1. THankful that you were able to draw out the moments and look them over in a different light.

    (really, we miss you at the chef bible study. i'm glad you are doing the P31 study. look forward to seeing you soon!)

  2. Hi Heidi. I wanted to return the blog visit and thank you for the encouraging comment you left on mine.

    I have to tell you that that verse from I Thessalonians is one of my all time favorites. It made the impossible, possible for me. I wasn't supposed to be able to have children, but it was because of that verse that the Lord gave me two. :)


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