Saturday, January 28, 2012


Just the other day, Andy and I commented on how very thankful we are for our new neighbors.  With such a warm winter, we've been outside more than we normally would, allowing the kids to play and develop friendships, and we've walked over to chat outside in the afternoons.  After we moved in, two of the neighbors closest got together and gave us a welcome fruit basket and gave me the scoop on the nearest 24-hour stores, shortcuts to town and so on.  Days later, the folks on the other side offered their assistance should we ever need anything and welcomed us as well.  They have a young granddaughter who visits frequently; I look forward to the girls meeting her.  Did I mention how GLAD we are for kind neighbors?

We have other neighbors who have dropped by, but haven't said very much.  It was either early in the morning or late at night when they were here....They seem to be the type to keep to themselves - uh-oh, does this bode well?  You never know.  Our neighbor, Timmy, set up a camera in our back yard to take a picture of these stealthy neighbors....he shared these pictures with us:

"So, this where the party's at?"

"Gonna party all night long, oooo.....oooo..gonna party all night long..."
"I don't think I like these new people."
"Nope, I'm SO outta here."
"Where'd everybody go?  Hello?? ~ hello??"
"Party?  Someone say party??"
"C'mon Benjamin, she said thankFUL not thanksGIVING.....quit hiding and come outta' the bushes..."
"I was never here, got it?  NE-VER here!"

So, we're looking forward to seeing more of and getting to know our neighbors as time goes by.  Can't wait to see who else we're going to be meeting - I bet they'll be interesting!

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