Monday, March 14, 2011

Our First Geocache!

At an impromptu stop at Rucker's Gap, we happened upon this tucked in behind an old grave on the mountainside.
Woo-hooo!  Although I can't get our own GPS to work, we stumbled on this with no modern technology at all....just old fashioned curiosity...
And we found quite a stash inside - the girls each took a trinket and I added some band aids and first aid cream.  We'd come unprepared to reciprocate 'donations'.
Here's the grave site we'd spotted in the woods.  The story I looked up later was sad:  He was a local boy whose stomping grounds included these beautiful woods at Rucker's Gap on the Virginia/West Virginia line.  He and his best friend promised one another that whoever died first would have the other buried in their favorite part of the woods. 
This was another grave site nearby. although I don't know the history.
I worked and worked on getting our GPS figured out.  I finally gave up and considered selling it on EBay to raise money for a new one.  THEN I read the instructions and I think I understand what to do now.  If I'm right, there are dozens of caches locally and I am looking forward to incorporating 'hunting' into our regular routine!

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