Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Necessary

So, I'm here on the computer checking my email and the 3 year old trots by me on the way to the bathroom:
"I gotta go pee-peeeee.....!!!"
As this happens many times a day, I don't pay much mind and continue my search for a ruffler for my sewing machine on the Sears website.
But then I hear what can only be described as a "liquidy" sound and so I slowly lean forward to get a full view of the bathroom happenings.
And there she is - her skirt hiked up over her knees squatting over a "Country Crock" container she's pulled out of her tub toys basket.  The liquidy sound is the faint echo inside that large brown container.
Fascinated, I continue watching as she straightens up, daintily steps over the bucket, smooths her dress (because dresses are all she wears nowadays) and carefully pours the contents into the "big girl potty."  She then places the Shedd's Spread container neatly next to the toilet and trips on out of the bathroom, on her way to a tea party with her stuffed animals and her big sister.

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