Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Kroger Shopping Trip Today

Skip over this if you find this topic boring....please!  But I wanted you to see a real-life example of how I saved money couponing and putting these "rules" in play.....

Sure, there are better 'scenarios,' but I'm satisfied with this.

Here's what I bought:

2 Cheerio's 18oz. boxes @ 2.09 (clearance bin, marked down from $4.29)
1 Charmin 12 pk.
4 kroger mac & chz
6 2lt. Pepsi
1 suave deo
6 spaghettios
48pk Lipton Tea
2pk Lever 2000 bar soap
3 pkgs salad dressing mix
2 boxes Kroger saltines
2 jars "sprinkles" <<---- IMPULSE BUY TO BRIBE KIDS, cost: 2 @  .88
1 Kroger vanilla ice cream
6 pkgs American sliced Kraft Cheese
8 pkgs 8 oz. Kraft Cheddar
34 oz. (regular size) Maxwell House coffee
1 seedless watermelon
2 Nature Valley Granola Bars boxes

TOTAL:  $113.37

Pretty good, right? 

Less Coupons, bonus coupons (doubled coupons), Kroger plus savings: $53.97......

TOTAL: $ 59.40
That's better.

For the record, I compared the Cheerios with the store brand.  With my coupon, it was about $.25 less per box.  Also, as for the tea, the price of the store brand was within .15 with the coupons I had.

Now, yes, we should not be drinking Pepsi (ahem) or eating Spaghettios (ahem).  BUT, as I mentioned before, everyone's line in the sand is different.  We have picky eaters here, and if I can keep them happy within the budget, then it works for us. 

ALSO, remember I told you that Kroger - the only store locally that doubles coupons - is over 25 miles away?  I combined the trip with storytime at the Clifton Forge :Library and a quick visit with Daddy-o :)

You'll notice I didn't buy bread, milk or lunch meat.  I still have to go to Wal-Mart.... :-/

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