Monday, March 15, 2010

Maple Festival Picutres

Seen along Route 220 in Alleghany County - the entrance to someone's homeplace.
A closer view....

Inside the Monterrey VFD building. Bellies full of hot dogs and maple doughnuts.

At Rexrode's Sugar Orchard. This is the wood-fired evaporator.

Steam going through an open hole in the roof.

Following the plastic tubing between the trees.

A couple of jokers...
Happy girls!

Doesn't that look like a great tree for climbing?

Also at Rexrode's.

It was actually pretty warm. It drizzled a bit, then cleared off and rained some more.

Heading north towards route 220. Excuse the angle, the picture was taken while I was driving.



Sheeps! We saw dozens of sheep and it seemed that sheep and cattle were the main industries out this way. What a beautiful day for a drive.

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  1. What great reminders of memories as a child. My parents took us (my two older siblings and me) to the Maple Festival and we too toured the sugar maple farms. The pictures took me directly back to the days as a child. It is completely unchanged.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and photos!


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