Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Pictures

" Somebody help me up, Mama!"
"Mama, come under the trees!"

The Look.
She's not really up to her neck in snow; she's sitting on the back sidewalk that was shovelled out the other day and looking across the snow. Its really that deep, though...

Romping through almost-knee-deep snow...

Backyard...the square thing in the left foreground is our fire pit with the benches to sit on.
Our house - taken from our neighbors' (Heidi & Joe)(isn't it a riot that there are Heidis on either side of Johnson Creek Road??) porch across the street.

The Girl Who Does Not Get Cold. Also: The Girl Who Lost Another Tooth Yesterday.
The Girl Who Does Not Wear a Hat. There will be 2 hats found in the spring thaw.
Cows in the pasture at the end of the block. I stopped the truck and said, "HEY COWS!!" and the (red) bull turned around to glare at me.

The house again as seen from Heidi & Joe's house.

Perspective as to how much snow is on the ground. We got another 4" today. As of noon, it had stopped snowing, but we're forecast for more today, Wednesday, and - rumor has it - Friday!

Standing by the picnic table in the back yard looking north....through my neighbor's yard.

Standing in the road looking southeast. The roads were completely clear yesterday except for a few icy pactches!

And the driveway was COMPLETEly clear :(


  1. Wow! You really got slammed with even more to come....

    Do you love it or hate it???


  2. I love it - tho' I'm not really affected by it because I'm in, but its so beautiful to look at. Folks around here are getting antsy; public schools have been closed more than open since Christmas break - can you imagine? They'll be in school in July!

  3. And you do have the wood stove to keep you toasty warm! Have FUN!


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