Monday, October 19, 2009

Hannah's 5th Birthday Party

While it was supposed to be a family-friendly event, it appears that Abbo might be flashing a gang sign....

He's hard to see in camo, but he did most of the work....

Lisa, Kellen & Brandon warming by the fire -

The only picture with all the kiddos in it! Look at that cool fire pit setup - Thanks, Daddy!

Amber was in charge of making sure all the kids - mine included - got suppah....

Lisa at the front of the pinata line. With a giant pokey to keep those kids in place....

The infamous pinata, with Riely taking a go.....

and Ian, with Christian looking on....

Sabrena - thank you again for doing pinata duty - not only could I not have done it, but your timing was perfect!

my favorite pinata picture - go Olivia!

Colin, with his best Ninja/Jedi moves....

Kellen bargaining for another go....

Ahhh, the butterfly gives up the treasure~ Abbo, Hanno, Brandon & Kellen planted for the take~

Plastic spiders, cowboys & Indians, candy bracelets, gummy fruits, Tootsie Rolls....(reminder: brush your teeth!)

Bye, bye, butterfly!

"My cake should be pink and white, with sprinkles. And butterflies. And yellow on the inside."

The redneck way to light candles: with a blowtorch. Git 'er dun!
Happy Birthday to yoooo-oooouuu!

Thar's a happy five year old girl!

A friendly game of cowboys & Indians :)

Woo-hoo! Even with all the candy, we managed to wear them out by playing a couple games, and mine, at least, were in bed before 9PM. Thank you for a great time!

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  1. Great pics! Her birthday cake and pinata..adorable! Wish we could've been there. Next time!


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