Friday, August 28, 2009

Friends and First Day of School

I have a headache. I’ve been trying to think en Espanol all week and I can’t stop. I’m looking for vocabulary words from 20 years ago at TCC and I’m giving myself a tension headache with the effort. See, the girls and I met a mom and her two kids who were staying in town for the week and the mom spoke as much English as I do Spanish (no muchos).

(I have a headache because I wanted to be sure I didn't make a lingual faux pas....did you ever hear about that guy in Miami, who, upon hearing the Pope was coming to visit, printed up hundreds of t-shirts with a picture of his holiness that said, "El Papa"? Only problem, "el papa" is "the potato" in Spanish, while "La Papa" would have been a better choice).

I tried to invite them to the park but I couldn’t find the word for playground. They ended up inviting us to the hotel pool instead, and we went there Tuesday and today. There were two children – Allison, who is five and Manuel, three. So Hannah and Abbo played with them and had a pretty good time. The mamas “talked” beside the pool – and beside the Jacuzzi. It was a good time; they are leaving tomorrow and Hannah is so sad. But as she says, “It was fun while it lasted.” (!)

I’m finally posting “first day of school” pictures! Here’s Hannah’s picture for the scrapbook:

And here’s Hannah’s picture of her showing how excited she is to begin homeschooling – jumping beside Abigail and El Papa (Our gi-nor-mous potato plant). Here we go!

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